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Nowadays, all the people around the world know that the very evil western lamestream media is very biased against China. They brainwash many people a year into hating China, and they even do so more effectively than Chinese media can counteract. Thankfully, our great leader Xi Jinping has conveyed important directive--"Tell China's stories well", exhorting us to vigorously whitewash China's reputation internationally. Chinazi Wiki (CNWiki) is set up under this campaign. It is run by CGTN, China's premier channel for airing forced confessions, under generous funding from Belt and Road Foundation (BARF).

Mission statement

CNWiki documents the intersection of Chinese politics and internet culture. We aim to be the go-to source for reeducating gullible white people on the true China.

Content Organization

CNWiki is an encyclopedia covering

  • Rubao, a series of memes of Xi Jinping
  • Fringe Chinese internet cultures

CNWiki is also a database of

  • Outbursts of Chinese patriotism, both online and off
  • Modern Chinese patriots