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Egg fried rice

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Egg fried rice is a classic Chinese dish. Mao Anying, the eldest son of Chairman Mao, reportedly was bombed to death during the Korean War by a Polish-born South African pilot while he was cooking egg fried rice, as the resulting smoke attracted the latter's attention. Regardless of the veracity of this tidbit, egg fried rice has nevertheless been associated with Mao Anying's death.

Since the elder Mao is commonly known as cured meat due to his body being permanently preserved and displayed in a crystal coffin, the dish egg fried rice with cured meat can be seen as a nod towards the strong father-son bond between the two Maos, especially the humorous situations surrounding both of their deaths. This dish is also known as the father-son donburi, a reference to the Japanese dish of a similar name.

Egg fried rice ruhua incident

On October 24, 2020, Chef Wang, a Chinese chef active on social media, posted a tutorial video on making Yangzhou fried rice on Bilibili. The video was posted on the anniversary of Mao Anying's death, riling up Chinese nationalists on both Weibo and Bilibili. Wang tried to apologize for the incident, claiming ignorance, but the nationalists had nothing of it.