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Jinping and the law

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Xi Jinping has a PhD in law and ideology from Tsinghua, one of the top universities in China, an attestation to his sagacity and authority. Unsurprisingly, he harbors many unorthodox ideas on how legal systems should work.

Rule of law

What it isn't

Xi does not believe in the so-called western interpretation of the rule of law. His signature philosophy on the matter, dubbed “Xi Jinping Thought on the Rule of Law”, explicitly states that the party should have the final say on all legal matters [1] — precisely the opposite of what the rule of law means. Only Adolf Hitler Thought on Diversity and Inclusion could evoke a stronger sense of juxtaposition.

In an article published in April 2019, Xi Jinping declared that China "must never copy the models or practices of other countries," and explicitly listed bogus western ideas such as "constitutionalism," "separation of powers," and "judicial independence" as examples [2]. Interestingly, China's aversion to copying western ideas does not extend to western intellectual property.

What it is