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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Infobox Astronomical Object/doc. Changes can be proposed in the talk page.
Template:Infobox Astronomical Object invokes function pluralize in Module:Util using Lua.
Template:Infobox Astronomical Object invokes Template:InfoboxOld/styles.css using TemplateStyles.
Infobox for Astronomical Objects. This means any natural body or collection of natural bodies in space. It does not include space stations or artificial satellites.
{{Infobox Astronomical Object
|Name =
|Image =
|System =
|Type =
|Classification =
|Habitable =
|Affiliation =
|Senator =
|Location =
|Natural Satellites =
|Artificial Satellites =
|Landing Zones =
|Population =
|Economy =
|Threat =
|Equatorial Radius =
|Gravity =
|Atmospheric Pressure =
|Sidereal Rotation =
|Axial Tilt =
|Density =
|Tidally Locked =
|Orbital Period =
|Orbital Speed =
|Orbital Radius =
|Orbital Eccentricity =
|Aphelion =
|Perihelion =
|Inclination =
|Starmap= <!-- Ark Starmap URL -->

System and Type autocategorize so you don't have to:

  • [[Category:{{{System}}} System]]
  • [[Category:{{{Type}}}s]] (uses a pluralization function now)
  • [[Category:{{{Classification}}}]]