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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Infobox System/doc. Changes can be proposed in the talk page.
Template:Infobox System invokes function {{#if:{{{Affiliation in Module:String2 using Lua.
Template:Infobox System invokes Template:InfoboxOld/styles.css using TemplateStyles.
Infobox for Star Systems. For the planets and jump points parameter please only use numbers, no names.
For the image please use a 2D image from the Star Map
{{Infobox System
|Name =
|Image = 
|System Type =
|Size = 
|Asteroid Belts =
|Star Type =
|Affiliation =
|Discovered in =
|Discovered by =
|Historical Names =
|Planets = 
|Jump Points =
|Population =
|Economy =
|Threat =
|Space Stations =