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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Main/doc. Changes can be proposed in the talk page.
Template:Main invokes function main in Module:Main using Lua.
Template:Main invokes Template:Hatnote/styles.css using TemplateStyles.

This template is used at the start of a section to link to the main article on that subject.


This template is used after the heading of a section, to link to a sub-article (or sub-articles) that is entirely about the topic of the section. The template will display, in italics, "Main article: Article 1, Article 2 and Article 3"

Template parameters

This template has custom formatting.

Page 11

The name of the first page that you want to link to. If this is not specified, the current page name (with no namespace prefix) is used instead.

Page namesuggested
Page 22

The name of the second page that you want to link to.

Page nameoptional
Page 33

The name of the third page that you want to link to. More pages can be added using the parameters "4", "5", etc.

Page nameoptional
Label 1l1 label 1

What the first linked page is to be displayed as.

Label 2l2 label 2

What the second linked page is to be displayed as.

Label 3l3 label 3

What the third linked page is to be displayed as. Other labels can be added by using increasing numbers (starting with "l4" for page 4) as parameter names.

Self referenceselfref

Set to "yes" if the template is a self-reference to Wikipedia that would not make sense on mirrors or forks of the Wikipedia site.